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Self Help SEO. Quick Tips for Better Ranking & Better Conversion


If you feel like you’re not getting your fair share of traffic via the search engines, here’s a self help (mostly!) guide to getting more of the right bums on the right seats.

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The End of Keyword Marketing?


Google has announced that all searches on its network will now be secure – meaning an end to keyword statistics in Analytics. Google has been moving towards more equitable search results for some considerable time.. The mantra from web marketers has been produce good content and plenty of it, link it well, focus on the web site user and make sure your friends and colleagues contribute to your visibility via links and blog contributions and your traffic will grow.

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About Responsive Web Design

As the title suggests, this is an article about responsive web design. What it is, why it is important and what the alternatives are. There’s so much diversity now in how users are grabbing web content, that the design community has had to react. For many, “mobile” is the elephant in the room.. the latest in a long line of “on costs” that keep coming your way as digital information matures to be the kingpin in most organisations communications strategy… From a web developer’s perspective, we see it more as an opportunity to engage with your audience. As marketers, an opportunity to reduce cost (or at least increase your “bang per buck”) for the long term. Responsive web design or RWD, to adopt an ugly but useful acronym, is a modern and increasingly important component of effective design for the internet. So let’s start at the beginning…

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How do i get my website on Google?


Making sure you’re listed on Google is really important and an easy enough thing to do. If you are using a web design agency, they should be doing this for you as a matter of course. If you are doing it yourself, when you finish reading the article, follow this link;

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Tips to Make Web Design Budgets Go Further and Work Harder

Karl Baxter, Managing Director of Birmingham based Stunn Ltd. provides some sensible advice to help you make more out of your web site design project.

Using a professional web design company to build you a web site can be an expensive process. We all recognise that a good web site, and actually a good digital strategy is essential to any outward reaching businesses. Despite the recession, digital spend is continuing to rise and the landscape for digital marketing and promotion is becoming more and more disparate with new opportunities and trends popping up at an alarming pace.

As quickly as a web site is made, a change in approach, service, or product range is likely to mean changes to it. Leave all that to the web designers or deal with it piecemeal and you can quickly end up with a disjointed and expensive website to unpick and redevelop.

Tips to Make Web Design Budgets Go Further and Work Harder, Read the full story