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Responsive, Professional and Flexible Web Design for Lockton Solicitors.


Our latest live responsive design web site has been produced for “Lockton Solicitors”. This division of Lockton Companies focuses on the insurance and risk management needs of the UK legal sector. It’s a mature audience with a very defined set of needs. Our remit was to cut into the copy and language and find the touch points with as little possible flab, to work a design for a UK audience that didn’t rock the boat on a wider branding level and to produce a final web site which not only had to work across a number of devices, but which could also be migrated as far as possible into an independent “logged in” client web portal / extranet. 

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About Responsive Web Design

As the title suggests, this is an article about responsive web design. What it is, why it is important and what the alternatives are. There’s so much diversity now in how users are grabbing web content, that the design community has had to react. For many, “mobile” is the elephant in the room.. the latest in a long line of “on costs” that keep coming your way as digital information matures to be the kingpin in most organisations communications strategy… From a web developer’s perspective, we see it more as an opportunity to engage with your audience. As marketers, an opportunity to reduce cost (or at least increase your “bang per buck”) for the long term. Responsive web design or RWD, to adopt an ugly but useful acronym, is a modern and increasingly important component of effective design for the internet. So let’s start at the beginning…

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Responsive Web Design for Professional Services


Birmingham web design agency stunn are pleased to announce the launch of a new corporate web site for Cheltenham based PR firm, Gravitas. Our brief was to create a corporate web site with contemporary values, maintaining brand elements from Gravitas’ wider identity while bringing the web site up to modern standards.

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