Conversion rate optimisation to improve site performance

We specialise in making ecommerce web sites convert better. Whether you’re selling subscriptions, products or financial services, we can help you to understand your site visitors and react to their needs. We turn visitors into buyers and buyers into loyal customers.

Conversion rate optimisation is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing revenues and profits from transactional web sites and should be part of the strategy of anyone who operates a reasonably sized ecommerce web site.

Sometimes the simplest of changes can have dramatic effects on conversion rates and sales volumes. We’ve seen revenues quadruple by changing a checkout procedure, and increase by as much as 100% simply from changing the copy and positioning of a button on web page.

Our most successful case saw annual revenues for one customer jump from around £20,000 per annum into the millions inside of 18 months with a progressive improvement in the buying process and retention techniques. The customer is still with us, and revenues are still growing by in excess of 15% per annum.

What we do, to improve conversion rates

We measure and assess on site experience (using best practice experience, analytics, funnels and by recording anonymous interactions with your web site so we can see exactly where the mouse cursor is going - if we know where the mouse goes, we know where the eyes go too. We then map this information to create a report of the "good, the bad and the ugly” on your web site.

We then marry these statistical and analytical findings to your site aims and look at the journey through the web site - providing budgeted suggestions for improvements in conversion rates and a real world expectation on the effects of the change.. in plain English.

The processes and changes we suggest are then measured and tracked so we can see exactly what is happening, change to change. Where more than one approach is possible and there’s a business case for doing so, we’ll use split testing to assess which route leads to the best outcomes for a particular web site.

Do you need conversion rate optimisation?

We won’t suggest a change that we don’t believe will have an immediate, or near immediate return on investment. Conversion rate optimisation to us is about earning our fees from your success. We may well report on where you should be long term, but we’ll be looking for the quick wins that make a difference to your sales volume or profitability in the here and now. The benefits are of course continuous, as any benefits you gain from this kind of marketing activity is still working for you when other activities such as increasing overall web traffic are underway. The essence of conversion rate optimisation is to understand your customer and it’s something we can help you do well.

Get in touch now and we’ll give you an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and tell you where we might be able to improve your conversion rates.

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