Marketing, Communications & Usability Strategies

How to I identify and understand my audience, what do they want, how do we reach them? What are the goals, how are they measured, resourced and managed? What’s the life cycle, what are the constraints? How are we delivering it and what’s the plan B?

Getting the right help early in a project will help make the most of the budgets and the timescales and give any project the best chance of success. We can help in lots of areas, both traditional and new media. We have expertise in web development strategy, branding and merchandising, audience development and a heap of "other stuff". Some of our most popular areas of work include:

  • Audience development, segmentation and engagement.
  • Web site user experience, usability, accessibility and technology
  • Identification of your key competitors and evaluation of their online offerings. We can also report on their search engine, links, social reach and Google page ranks
  • SWOT analysis of your current position and comparison with the competition. For web sites
  • Maximising e-commerce revenues, improving conversion rates
  • Analysis and management of social platforms
  • Analysis and management of brand profile and online reputation
  • Analysis of complementary markets and general demographic positioning
  • In depth analysis of current site traffic, conversion and drop out rates
  • Strategic and budget planning

Beyond brand development and e-commerce we've a large scale public sector remit and have consulted regularly on behalf of the European Union on subjects as wide reaching as digital implementation of educational funding development, social media strategy and mobile delivery, and assessed the effectiveness of government funded digital television and interactive educational platforms.

We're here to help and more often than not, a bit of clear thought at the beginning of a development or project can save huge swathes of cost and resource as a project progresses.