Corporate identity, branding and corporate literature

We’re a visual design agency - pixels are a part of it, so is paper, but mostly, it’s about the message.

Our history is firmly rooted in creative design, after all, we we’re around when the internet was a brave new world and paper was king. What’s been lost in time is the value of a message, the intrinsic and implied substance in good quality creative and copy that transcends the media it is being digested in.

We work with brands and organisations to provide clarity of information and to marry the explicit with the intrinsic to create visual that does as it says and that makes sense to its audience. Technicalities are important too... We’ll never develop a logo that doesn’t work on a fax or envelope print and we’ll never create a corporate identity or brand toolkit that you can’t afford to fulfil.

Our design studio undertakes the following services:

  • Corporate identity development, including logo design, business stationery, business forms, document templates, presentations and corporate literature.
  • Branding and brand management, including visual language development, mood, language, copy, creative development, brand guidelines, create toolkits, brand reviews and reports. We also organise and undertake focus groups and steering groups for key stakeholders

Whether we’re undertaking a complete rebrand or simply creating a nice new corporate brochure, the thought processes and guiding principles are the same… You might not need as much of our time, but you’ll still get our full attention.

Our Birmingham City Centre design studio can be contacted on 0121 616 0090. Please call and ask to speak with Karl Baxter or Ben Henneman to discuss any graphic design, creative ort branding requirements.