Our integrated approach to graphic and visual design

while new mediums and technology providers push an ever increasing stream of product to market, marketing and visual messages tend to become more and more fragmented, making relevance more difficult to attain.

We’ve experienced a lot of changes with the onslaught of digital. Far from clarifying the landscape, you’ve probably found that the opposite has occurred.

It’s quite likely that as an organisation you’re running several online presences as well as managing a print requirement, possibly an outdoor spend or point of sale / point of presence and if you’re on the ball, a solid mobile strategy to marry with it.

It’s difficult to pull these things together when they’re considered individually and also, importantly simply from a client / agency perspective. We do the ground work in a different way - assessing the goals, understanding the channels to be used and designing cohesively with the goals and outcomes firmly in mind. Some of it is pretty simple stuff “how will this look on an iPad”. Other considerations are more complex - can we make a campaign look right big and small - across a web site, print advertising, banner ads, Facebook and Twitter presences and any number of screen sizes and aspect ratios.. We take the utmost care to ensure “house style” works in print and online - everything from type face choices, through icon design and into wider visual language is considered before any visual is created.

Most importantly, we design around goals and outcomes, focussing on what the user needs. We do this in a way that they can relate to; making it easy understand the relevance of your message to your audience.

We’re a fully integrated agency, so we understand the problems and more importantly, the preventative measures and interventions necessary to “keep the whole thing together”. Talk to one of us and you’ll realise just how passionate we are about the right approach being the fastest route to the right outcomes.