Bespoke web and application development on retainers

Fully bespoke design, fully managed upgrade path all inclusive hosting SEO and management, one affordable monthly price

We are happy to announce the launch of our 3 year packaged service. We can arrange monthly payment schedules for contracted service agreements to spread the cost of our high quality creative and development services.

We can undertake bespoke web builds / mobile applications in a fully managed way. By packaging the initial development, ongoing maintenance, hosting, SEO / SEM, account management, reporting and a major visual update over a 3 year period, we can offer set prices and peace of mind that your web presence is fully maintained, standards compliant and in keeping with modern design standards for as long as you are with us.

Billing in this way will improve your overall web presence and ensure regular meaningful contact between us and you. This is  a  complete bespoke end to end web development and support service, designed to keep our clients on top of their marketing activity within sensible monthly budgets.

A typical example of a retained web development contract:

  • £5000 initial bespoke web site build
  • £2500 front end web site refresh at month 36
  • Quarterly analytics reports
  • Monthly SEO reports and improvement advice
  • Cross browser fixes as new browsers come to market
  • Mission critical B2B hosting - 2 data centres, 2 backbones
  • Regular face to face meetings
  • 24/7 hosting support, 10/5 design and development support
  • Dedicated director level account management


Monthly cost: £250 + VAT over 36 months with no deposit / set up fee


How does it work?

Stunn has a sister company "Stunn Consulting Ltd" that deals specifically with investments. We support up front costs associated with your web site build by investing directly into your project to ensure timely delivery and affordable resourcing.

What can I use it for?

You can spread payments for any ongoing service that we offer. So web sites, e-commerce, bespoke software, mobile applications, branding projects, conversion rate optimisation, consultancy, SEO / SEM / PPC would all be covered.

What happens after 3 years

After the 36 month period, your fees reduce by 35% and your contract becomes month by month. If your web site is still with us at the end of the next 3 year period, you are entitled to another free refresh, or alternatively a complete rebuild reduced in the above example by £2500 + VAT, subject to a new contract period.

Is there a cost for credit?

No. This is not a loan agreement. We simply package the value of the services over a 3 year period.

What happens if I want to make changes to my web site that aren't in the original specification?

There's no problem making bespoke additions to your web site. We estimate these additions in the usual way, then you can choose to either pay for these by invoice, or add the costs to your existing agreement.

Is this option available to everyone?

Subject to a credit check on the business, yes. We cross reference all customers using credit safe. As long as the contract value is within their recommended limits, we can offer the service with no up front fees. For start up businesses and those with low credit limits, we may need to ask for a deposit, though we'll still spread as much of the cost as we can to make projects as affordable as possible.

Are there any other exclusions?

We are not able to spread the cost of third party software purchases, or one off projects. If your web site needs third party software to run - any costs will be recovered by invoice. Similarly, if your project does not require any ongoing management, we cannot bill this over the 3 years.

Is there any minimum or maximum spend?

The service is designed to provide best value between £3000 - £15000 initial build values. We will consider larger sites on a case by case basis.

What happens if I need to cancel my agreement earlier than the specified 36 month period?

Cancellation charges may apply - every site we build in this way comes with a specification and service schedule - your service schedule will clearly state cancellation costs for each 3 month period of the 3 year agreement

Please call Karl on 0121 616 0093 for more details, or to request a tailored quote