Touch screen kiosk software, mobile applications, interactives

We create rich interative and bespoke software to run on kiosks, mobile phones and tablets. Our first interactive touch screen kiosks were delivering TV and music content, video chat and advertising over the internet in 2000.

It’s not just down the the smart phone revolution - fast mobile data is really opening up the possibilities with Kiosks too and audiences are becoming more and more demanding. We were pioneers of interactive kiosks - delivering streaming video content and connecting public spaces in immersive, individually designed “digital hubs” as early as 2000. We’ve gone on to produce a number of touch screen applications and management information systems as far away as South Africa, controlled centrally using a combination of mobile data, wifi and wired internet. We still make interactive DVDs too!

We’ve been working with mobile since the days of WAP... making mobile web sites and applications for public transport, entertainment and corporate use. The explosion of iPhone and iPad has sen us building specific applications more an more regularly too - for Apple devices, Android and Blackberry.

Core Kiosk Software and Interactive Application Services:

  • Interactive DVD ROM
  • iPhone Applications (Android and Blackberry Apps too)
  • Touch Screen Kiosk Software
  • iPad Presentations
  • Digital Brochures & Presentations
  • Digital Portfolios
  • Online Games & Virals

Interactive development can be quite different to web design. More often than not this kind of work is  about resonating with the individual.. It’s about providing something niche and useful - it demands access to your “private space” or that you travel to it to interact with it.. and as such it comes with unique design challenges.

With kiosks, the unique hardware and specific type of interaction means we can gather very specific information about users and exploit this data to better understand the customer and in some cases the staff who operate the software we create.  With mobile, we get to understand very quickly the different types on information that users want “on the go” compared to desk based browsing and we know how to deliver that information quickly and simply to provide the best possible user experience for your customers.