Litho printing, digital printing, exhibition supplies... and things

There’s so much effort goes into making great graphic and interactive design, we won’t let it fall flat with the finish.

We believe in the old cliché that you’re only as strong as your weakest link.  We’ve spent years forging excellent relationships with fantastic suppliers to ensure that any manufacturing processes we’re involved with are treated with the same diligence as the creative is before it leaves the studio.

We have taken the time to individually vet the suppliers we use and to understand their businesses and processes to ensure that they sit right with ours. We’re interested to the point of obsession, in techniques and technologies to push the best possible finish out of our work. Our buying power is significant as we’re sourcing for many of our customers, meaning we’re able to finish what we start at great quality and conscientious prices.

We supply the following finishing services via our network of suppliers:

  • Litho / offset printing. From A3 to B1 and up to 10 colours in line. We can provide environmentally friendly printing services at extremely competitive prices and outsource internationally to find the best price and quality fit for larger print projects.
  • Large format & exhibition supplies. We can provide bespoke and off the shelf exhibition materials for art exhibitions, point of sale, commercial interiors and trade shows.
  • Duplication and replication services: CD/ DVD/ USB / Blu-ray
  • Promotional goods.

 We know the print industry inside out and upside down. We can advise on or manage the best suppliers for any job, of any size and budget, with almost any deadline.

For more information about our print services, give us a call on Birmingham telephone number 0121 616 0090.